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Where do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

November 4, 2021


Pedestrians are considered vulnerable roadway users. This means that they are likely to sustain significant injuries in the event a collision with a vehicle occurs. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are not uncommon throughout New Mexico. Here, our Albuquerque injury lawyers want to discuss where pedestrian crashes are more likely to occur.

When you know where a pedestrian crash is most likely to occur, whether you are a driver or someone walking around the roadway, you can take the steps necessary to prevent catastrophic accidents.

Understanding Where Pedestrian Crashes Occur in NM

Data provided by the University of New Mexico and gathered by the New Mexico Department of Transportation indicates that there were 638 total pedestrian collisions across the state during the latest reporting year. Out of these incidents, we know that there were:

  • 83 fatalities
  • 95 suspected serious injuries
  • 231 suspected minor injuries
  • 195 possible injuries

However, where are these pedestrian crashes most likely to occur in New Mexico?

First and foremost, most pedestrian crashes in New Mexico and throughout the US occur in more urban areas. Data available from the National Safety Council (NSC) shows that there is a significant statistical difference between the number of pedestrian traffic injuries and deaths in urban versus rural areas. The NHTSA indicates that 82% of pedestrian traffic deaths during the most recent reporting year across the country occurred in urban settings.

It makes sense then that most pedestrian accidents in New Mexico happen around our population centers. Any areas where vehicles come into close contact with those walking or exercising are going to present more dangers for pedestrians.

However, please do not take this to mean that no pedestrian accidents occur in rural areas throughout our state. In fact, rural pedestrian accidents often result in significant injuries because they occur when drivers are operating at higher rates of speed and may not even expect to see a pedestrian at all.

We also want you to know that out of all pedestrian fatalities across the country during a recent reporting year, many of these injuries occurred in non-traffic areas, according to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Yes, most pedestrian fatalities do occur around the roadways. However, a significant portion of pedestrian fatalities and injuries occurred in areas such as driveways, parking lots, and other types of private property.

In this state, around 50.6% of all pedestrian collisions during the latest year of data occurred during daylight hours. 19.3% of the pedestrian collisions occurred at night in a not-lighted setting, and 24.3% of the pedestrian collisions occurred at night in a lighted setting.

The New Mexico DOT notes that alcohol contributed factor in more than half of all pedestrian fatalities during the latest reporting year across this state. Around 90% of all pedestrians involved in alcohol-related collisions were under the influence.

Additional Information: Compensation Available After a Pedestrian Accident

Call an Attorney to Help With Your Claim

If you or somebody you care about has been injured in a pedestrian crash caused by the negligence of another driver in New Mexico, you need to speak to an experienced Albuquerque pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible. Pedestrian accident claims in this state revolve around gathering the evidence needed to prove liability for what happened. A lawyer can get involved, conduct a complete investigation into the incident, and gather all evidence needed to prove the case. Furthermore, our Albuquerque car accident lawyers will vigorously negotiate with aggressive insurance carriers to help their clients recover maximum compensation for their losses.